About Us

Passion informs everything we do; from meticulous selection of the right brands to working with people who care as much about the environment as we do. However, we don’t believe in natural for natural’s sake. The products which make the grade have to be super-effective and wonderful to use.

Many synthetic chemicals used in skincare products have been proven to have harmful effects; the list is long – and frightening. We believe that using natural ingredients in their purest form makes a world of difference; Nature has provided us with powerful resources which work in harmony with our bodies and which make us look and feel more beautiful.

We believe that beauty is more than skin deep. To this end we constantly update and re-evaluate our brands. We acknowledge the value of nutritional expertise, traditional remedies and regional heritage, along with cutting-edge scientific research and testing in product development. We believe it matters that we work with like-minded individuals and companies we can trust; we respect their passion for the products and the love, skill and expertise which goes into developing them.

We also believe in transparency – clear labelling and honest ingredient listing – to enable consumers to make an informed choice.

We love the fact that our customers share our beliefs and understand the value of a clear conscience.

We believe that inner beauty shows.

The Amarya team is made up of a small but highly qualified group of beauty therapists, make-up artists and industry specialists. We represent a variety of age-groups and backgrounds. Between us we aim to deliver a comprehensive depth of understanding, expertise and service.

We are constantly in touch with our customers in every corner the world. We are here to answer questions and queries and offer guidance on everything from how to tackle psoriasis to the latest shade of nail varnish… We love and know our products and want customers to be happy with the choices they make.

Our warehouse team personally pack and double-check every order and dispatch parcels using the most secure and efficient delivery systems.

But what really sets us apart is that we care. We love to hear from you and receive feedback. We all share a belief in the benefits of natural and organic and can hope to cultivate a more beautiful future together!